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Stop Trump's Pork Rule

Food Integrity Campaign meat inspector whistleblowers have been warning us for years… a dangerous and disgusting high-speed pork slaughter inspection system is looming. Alas, the New Swine Slaughter Inspection System (Trump’s Pork Rule) is set to become a reality. Under the guise of “modernization”, Trump’s Pork Rule privatizes the job duties of USDA inspectors and gives their work to untrained plant workers. Whistleblowers who work in the pilot pork inspection programs warn about faster line speeds, fewer inspectors, worse conditions for workers, and unnecessary harm to pigs – not to mention the gross things that find their way into your food.


We made an absurd, satirical game to raise awareness of this issue — so go play! Then, tell everyone you know about this (


Don’t just take our word for why high-speed hog inspection is such a terrible idea. Click the button just below for the full story, and get a taste of what actual USDA whistleblowers have said.

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You can download the affidavits (which have the full backing of GAP) by clicking on the following PDF links.

Affidavit – Joe Ferguson (USDA Hog Inspector #4) Affidavit – USDA Hog Inspector #3 Affidavit – USDA Hog Inspector #2 Affidavit – USDA Hog Inspector #1

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We eat meat, yet we want to minimize cruelty to animals. This is an uncertain, inconsistent and perhaps hypocritical path, and it’s hard enough without giant food companies manipulating us — in collusion with our own government.