Ag Gag Undercover

On Monday, March 11, 2013, FIC launched a video campaign series called "Ag Gag Undercover" to raise awareness about the controversial anti-whistleblower bills that have been introduced in many states. While the agriculture industry and legislative sponsors try to muddle the public with their reasons for the legislation – which would criminalize individuals who take undercover video or photographs to expose wrongdoing at agricultural facilities – these videos aim to simply get at the heart of why Ag Gag bills are problematic and an affront on truth-telling. Watch all of the videos below.

Ag Gag Undercover #1: No Film on Farms?



Ag Gag Undercover #2: BUTT ... Should it be Illegal?



Ag Gag Undercover #3: Nightmare on Ag Street



Ag Gag Undercover #4: Star-Crossed Lovers



Ag Gag Undercover #5: In the Dark


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