What is Food Integrity?

The term “Food Integrity” implies a global perspective on food issues – from soil to plate. The term goes beyond food safety in capturing aspects of food production, methods of procurement, and means of distribution. Food with integrity is produced in ways consistent with community values, principles, and beliefs. Regrettably, as our whistleblowers can attest, industrial processes have undermined the general public’s common expectation of quality food.

Several problems exist with the current food production process. Waste and contaminants from industrial farming endanger our fragile ecosystem and place the public at avoidable health risks. Animals bred merely for consumption are subjected to unnecessary and inhumane handling, creating wholly preventable contamination. Food workers are routinely exploited. Government employees charged with enforcing food safety regulations – far too few in numbers – are prevented from fulfilling job duties. Citizen activists are silenced by the growing power of industry giants. The list goes on.

The mission and long-term objective of FIC is to enhance overall food integrity by facilitating truth-telling. FIC seeks to accomplish this mission by strategically working to alter the relationship of power between the food industry and consumers; protecting the rights of those who speak out against the practices that compromise food integrity; and empowering industry whistleblowers and citizen activists.