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FIC’s goal is to educate whistleblowers throughout the food industry about their rights, and advocate for stronger free speech protections for such workers, in order to better safeguard public health.

Additionally, FIC also educates and informs our supporters about the rampant problems within the food industry – on both the corporate and government sides. We offer numerous resources to help you better understand our Campaign. These include:

What is Food Integrity?: A quick look at what the term means, and how it differs from basic food safety.

The Lifecycle of Food: Take a look at the four areas our Campaign focuses on in terms of whistleblower problems (Farming, Processing, Transportation & Retail, Consumption).

Regulatory Chaos at the Dinner Table: You’d be surprised how compartmentalized federal oversight of your food is. Take a closer look with this interactive feature.

FIC Videos: Our organization puts out opinion, advocacy, and event videos designed to keep you abreast of the latest in food integrity news.

Food Laws: Learn about some of the current food protection laws on the books.