Win for Farmworkers! Toxic Strawberry Pesticide Methyl Iodide Taken Off Market

strawberry_attPhoto via wikimedia user Hannah 50More than a year after a lawsuit challenging the approval of methyl iodide in California was brought to court, the maker of the controversial strawberry pesticide suddenly dropped the product from the U.S. market. This week's announcement by chemical giant Arysta is a welcoming turn of events for the farmworkers, scientists and environmental watchdogs whose voices have been repeatedly ignored – despite claims of human health effects including cancer, brain damage and miscarriages among those who come into frequent contact with methyl iodide.

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Safeway Pulls 'Pink Slime', Whistleblower Vindicated Years After BPI Retaliation

safeway_attPhoto via wikimedia user coolcaesarToday, ABC News reports that Safeway – the nation's second largest supermarket chain with 1400 stores – will no longer sell ammoniated beef trimmings known as 'pink slime' due to "considerable consumer concern."

The announcement comes amidst non-stop news coverage of pink slime as school districts and retailers answer questions regarding its presence in their ground beef products. The slime, made by Beef Products, Inc. (BPI), is used as a filler ingredient for other ground beef.

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Ag Gag Becomes Law in Utah, Other State Battles Continue

Gary_HerbertGov. Gary HerbertUtah Governor Gary Herbert ignored the concerns of food integrity whistleblower advocates and signed the state's Ag Gag bill into law Tuesday, nearly two weeks after both houses had passed the legislation. Similar to Iowa's bill, which became law earlier this month, the Utah measure penalizes individuals who apply for jobs at agricultural facilities under false pretenses – targeting whistleblowers who utilize undercover video to expose wrongdoing.

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Corporate Ag Gag Supporters Donated to Iowa Legislator Campaigns

branstad_terryGov. Terry BranstadFIC mentioned previously that it wasn't much of a shocker when Governor Terry Branstad signed Iowa's Ag Gag bill into law due to his industry ties, but how many dollars are attached to those ties? A new study finds that many top legislators behind the controversial bill – which will have a chilling effect on industry whistleblowers – received major campaign contributions from agriculture groups in favor of the legislation.

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'Pink Slime' School Choice Shows Importance of Food Industry Whistleblowers

Episode Shows Power of Whistleblower Concerns & Need for Meat Industry Whistleblower Protections

The recent media firestorm surrounding "pink slime" – ammoniated beef trimmings produced by Beef Products, Inc. (BPI) – has made the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) think twice about serving the controversial product to America's schoolchildren. Media reports state that the USDA will announce today it is giving schools a choice of ground beef purchases – including one choice for districts to not have this controversial food filler that many food advocates say shouldn't qualify as "beef."

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Pink Slime Controversy Shows Need for Meat Industry Whistleblower Protections

ground_beef_attPhoto via flickr user danieljordahlMedia coverage and public concerns regarding "pink slime" – ammoniated beef trimmings produced by Beef Products, Inc. (BPI) – have not let up since last week's announcement that the USDA plans to purchase seven million pounds of BPI's questionable product for the national school lunch program.

In one week's time, a petition calling on the USDA to stop using pink slime in school food has reached more than 200,000 signatures.

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Tim Pachirat's "Every 12 Seconds" Taps into the Psyche of Beef Slaughterhouse Workers

book_every12secondsTwice in less than a week, New York Times columnist Mark Bittman has addressed the inhumane treatment of animals raised for food and the impact it has on people. His Sunday op-ed focused on the guilt consumers might face eating chicken if they knew all the side effects of large-scale production, while his most recent piece draws attention to the toll on industry workers themselves – featuring an insider who was forever changed after working at an industrial beef slaughterhouse.

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