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WTF Hormel?!

Tell Hormel Foods to abandon high-speed inspection in pork plants!

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Perdue’s Misleading Animal Welfare Labels

One farmer is proving that sunlight can grow the truth, too. This whistleblower shines a light on Perdue’s deceptive labeling practices.

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Ag Gag: Safeguarding Industry Secrets by Punishing the Messenger

A crime to report a crime? State laws criminalizing whistleblowers for reporting what's going on behind factory farm doors are sweeping the nation.

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Antibiotic Transparency in Food Animal Production

FIC fights superbugs in court. Public health demands the truth about antibiotics from the FDA.

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Chemical Hazards in Meat and Poultry Processing

What’s behind workers falling ill in poultry plants? USDA whistleblowers reveal the dangerous truth.

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Big Biotech’s Pesticide Use in Hawaii

A pristine island paradise fights an onslaught of pesticides. FIC joins the local movement in Kauai to stop biotech behemoths.

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